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Despite how effortless the design of a logo may feel, there is a lot of work and energy that goes into the process of resolving a great logo design. The cliché of expending 100 bad ideas in order to get to a good one couldn't be more true when it comes to the design of a great logo.

A good logo has the ability to grab people's attention and make them want to learn more. Your logo is the cornerstone of your brands identity and is one of the first things anyone will come in contact with when it comes to your business. It’s your first impression and is an important tool when it comes to influencing the way people think and feel about your company.


Throughout my time working in the creative industry, I've had the pleasure of designing many logos for brands big and small, from industry leading energy companies to boutique pilates studios and New Zealand’s oldest pub. I understand what's involved in creating a great logo and have helped many businesses to stand out, elevate their image and set a strong and lasting impression through the design of effective logo work. Featured is a selection of various brand marks and logos that I've created for various companies, brands and partners.