Flux_Sales brand_Feature-min.jpg

Flux Federation

Completed at Foundry Creative.


Key Contributions:
Brand Development. Design and Layout.

Team Members:
Tom Montague, Wiremu Smith.


Flux is a software platform that makes it easier for energy companies to run their retail business end-to-end while unlocking opportunities to innovate.

While designing at Foundry Creative, the team and I was assigned to work on the design of Flux Federation's sales tools and digital marketing material. My work on the project helped Flux to develop a compelling visual system that saw their story of digital innovation come to life. 


Myself and team developed the design of a sales prospectus that aided Flux representatives to sell their platform to new clients in the US, Australia, Singapore and Europe. The sales collateral utilised the identity system we created, positioning Flux as modern digital innovators. 


A bold and inventive illustrative style was developed to extend the brand system that saw people, power and possibility (the heart of the Flux platform) come together. The illustrations communicate Flux’s unique proposition of being a launchpad for energy customer innovation. We also created an icon system for their product modules that made it easy for prospective clients to understand the components that make up the Flux platform.


The new brand was rolled out across many touchpoints, from laptop stickers that engaged staff, to trade show banners that attracted global customer attention. The project successfully helped Flux in articulating their point of difference and saw them take ownership of their unique space in the global energy app market.