Cashmere Avenue School
Brand Identity

Tucked in the northern sunny hills of Wellington, Cashmere Avenue School is the hub of Khandallah’s vibrant community. While working with Foundry Creative, I was tasked with designing a new identity for the primary school with an aim to modernise the brand and align it with the schools' vision and values. 


The new logo represents the schools' proud location and sense of belonging, through its depiction of land and place. Mt Kaukau, the cities most visible high point, and panoramic views over Wellington’s harbour, both adorn the backdrop of the school. These landmarks and the schools’ sunny, hill-side location are captured in a simple, geometric manner in the new logo, with its peaks and sunlight radiating a warm, positive and aspirational glow.


The brand icon is complimented with geometric sans-serif type, adding to the welcoming and friendly manner of the new brand. This is especially emphasised by the custom rounded finial of the e and curved base of its eye.


A bold yet modern colour palette and modular geometric graphics extend the logos design, creating a distinctive and playful visual system that embodies all of what it means to be a primary-aged kid learning and thriving at the school. The modular graphics are rich in meaning, representing a range of themes that are important to the school’s way of teaching and learning such as creativity, curiosity, diversity, and collaboration.


These bold shapes have also been extended into icons that capture the school’s values. Lastly, we developed a series of school characters to embody each of the schools' capabilities, an important part of Cashmere Avenue’s learning and teaching approach. The characters were designed in collaboration with students whose drawings inspired a whānau of fun, hat-wearing Tui, a friendly native bird species that can often be spotted around the school.  

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Key Contributors:  Tom Montague and Sarah Illingworth. A Foundry Creative project.